What channel is the World Cup on?


The World Cup 2022 is here and, while off the pitch controversy continues to reign and the headline-makers continue to be the host nation’s late changes to rules, on the pitch there will still be millions who tune in for games.

In the UK, every single match will be shown free-to-air across either BBC or ITV, with both broadcasters now having announced their line-ups of pundits, analysts and commentators – which in itself is always a tournament talking point.

Here’s everything you need to know to watch every game, with updates to come for the knock-out phase in Qatar.

Where BBC is listed as the broadcaster, the TV channel will be BBC One unless otherwise noted and the game will be streamed live via the BBC iPlayer.

When ITV is listed, the TV channel will be ITV1 unless otherwise noted and games will be streamed via ITVX, the new online service replacing ITV Hub.

Group stage schedule and TV channels

Sunday November 20

  • Qatar v Ecuador, 7pm, BBC

Monday 21 November

  • England v Iran, 1pm, BBC
  • Senegal v Netherlands, 4pm, ITV
  • USA v Wales, 7pm, ITV

Tuesday 22 November

  • Argentina v Saudi Arabia, 10am, ITV
  • Denmark v Tunisia, 1pm, ITV
  • Mexico v Poland, 4pm, BBC
  • France v Australia, 7pm, BBC

Wednesday 23 November

  • Morocco v Croatia, 10am, ITV
  • Germany v Japan, 1pm, ITV
  • Spain v Costa Rica, 4pm, ITV
  • Belgium v Canada, 7pm, BBC

Thursday 24 November

  • Switzerland v Cameroon, 10am, ITV
  • Uruguay v South Korea, 1pm, BBC
  • Portugal v Ghana, 4pm, ITV
  • Brazil v Serbia, 7pm, BBC

Friday 25 November

  • Wales v Iran, 10am, BBC
  • Qatar v Senegal, 1pm, BBC
  • Netherlands v Ecuador, 4pm, ITV
  • England v USA, 7pm, ITV

Saturday 26 November

  • Tunisia v Australia, 10am, BBC
  • Poland v Saudi Arabia, 1pm, ITV
  • France v Denmark, 4pm, ITV
  • Argentina v Mexico, 7pm, ITV

Sunday 27 November

  • Japan v Costa Rica, 10am, ITV
  • Belgium v Morocco, 1pm, BBC
  • Croatia v Canada, 4pm, BBC
  • Spain v Germany, 7pm, BBC

Monday 28 November

  • Cameroon v Serbia, 10am, ITV
  • South Korea v Ghana, 1pm, BBC
  • Brazil v Switzerland, 4pm, ITV
  • Portugal v Uruguay, 7pm, ITV

Tuesday 29 November

  • Ecuador v Senegal, 3pm, ITV
  • Netherlands v Qatar, 3pm, ITV
  • Iran v USA, 7pm, BBC
  • Wales v England, 7pm, BBC

Wednesday 30 November

  • Tunisia v France, 3pm, BBC
  • Australia v Denmark, 3pm, BBC
  • Poland v Argentina, 7pm, BBC
  • Saudi Arabia v Mexico, 7pm, BBC

Thursday 1 December

  • Canada v Morocco, 4pm, BBC
  • Croatia v Belgium, 4pm, BBC
  • Japan v Spain, 7pm, ITV
  • Costa Rica v Germany, 7pm, ITV

Friday 2 December

  • Ghana v Uruguay, 4pm, BBC
  • South Korea v Portugal, 4pm, BBC
  • Serbia v Switzerland, 7pm, ITV
  • Cameroon v Brazil, 7pm, ITV

Knock-out schedule and TV channels

The World Cup knock-out stage fixtures will be confirmed at the end of the group phase and both BBC and ITV will then make their choices of which games to show.

The schedule for those knock-out games is already set, including the kick-off times and venues, and can be viewed in full here.

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